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    Terminal Appointment Booking System (TABS Fees and Penalties)

    Effective 16 March 2016 Point Payment Scheme will be strictly implemented at the MICT.

    This scheme requires every trucker to pull-out and return/pick up and drop off container by appointment and with corresponding booking fees.

    Slots for booking are classified into three demand zones: Free, Medium and High. Medium and High Demand Zones are charged 300 points (P300) and 1000 points (P1,000) respectively. Conversely, penalties for late arrival and no show are also observed. Penalties are the following: Arrival for more than two hours after appointment: P 1,625.00 and arrival for more than three hours: P 3,251.00.

    Now that implementing rules for TABS points scheme are already in effect. We will now also include in our billing charges equivalent for booking a slot starting on the date of effectivity of Point Payment Scheme.

    Thank you for your usual support.

    Timecargo Logistics Corporation

    Source: PortCalls dated 09 March 2016