• DOF: Department Order No. 33, s. 2014

     Pursuant to Department Order (DO) No. 12-2014, as amended by DO 18-2014, importers and customs brokers have been informed of the requirements for accreditation with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the rules applicable thereto, including the pertinent periods and deadline for compliance.

    In order to give all importers and customs brokers concerned ample time to prepare and comply with such requirements, the period within which to file their application with the BIR and the BOC pursuant to the rules issued for this purpose shall be deemed extended until 30 June 2014, or the original expiration of the BOC accreditation, whichever comes earlier.

    Failure to file the proper application with the BIR and the BOC by the date stated in the immediately preceding paragraph shall result in the automatic cancellation of such accreditation, effective 1 July 2014 or the date of expiration as indicated in the accreditation, whichever is earlier.
    The accreditation of all importers and customs brokers who have filed their applications with the BIR and the BOC in accordance with the foregoing paragraphs shall be deemed extended until further notice from the BOC: Provided, that in case an application is denied by the BIR, the accreditation shall be deemed cancelled from the date of such denial. For this purpose, the BIR is instructed to duly inform the BOC of the accreditation results, which information will serve as the basis of the BOC in giving the proper notice to the importers and customs brokers.

    For the applications of importers and customs brokers with valid and existing accreditation from the BOC, the BIR may either: (1) issue the Importer Clearance Certificate (ICC) or the Broker Clearance Certificate (BCC), as the case may be, which shall be valid for three (3) years; (2) deny the application; or (3) issue a provisional ICC/BCC valid for three (3) months, in which case, the BIR shall rule upon the application before the expiration of the three (3)-month period.

    This Order shall take effect immediately upon publication.