Our Values

We are client focused. We recognize that you, our clients, take great pride in our business. We thus strive to be the custodians of your dreams and help you in the realisation of your goals. We believe that delivering excellent results at all times is the only way we can maintain your loyalty. Our client’s focus extend top our internal staff and agents. We treat our team members with mutual respect, dignity and trust. We do so in the belief that our unity will crate the ideal work culture that translates to good customer value. We will work together, building relationships to create greater value for the customers and consumers we serve.

We advocate innovation as part of our work culture. We are committed to innovation and constant review of our output, with the end view of always looking for ways to improve our service. As part of a national environment that is in a constant state of flux, we anticipate change and proactively look for ways that can increase the value of our service. At Timecargo, innovation is not only a work practice; it is a work culture.

We appreciate absolute integrity in our everyday business. We employ the highest ethical and moral standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action we take. We practice transparency in our dealings, and ensure we keep our promise. We believe our commitment to our customer is our most vital product-our word is our bond. At Timecargo integrity is practiced at all levels of the organisation, without exceptions and compromises.

We strive to bring value to our local communities. Rather than being a separate business entity, we strive to contribute to our local area through the provision of local jobs and partnership with local businesses to contribute to the economic progress of the communities we live in. We also conduct our business in a way that creates sustainable solutions for the environment.